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Oclap was founded in 1977.

Since the ‘80s OCLAP has entered the public transport field with the production of train and bus systems and components, such as light alloy leaves, frame parts and bodywork.
Thanks to the technical competence of the top management, since the end of the ‘80s OCLAP has been involved in the high speed train projects of the major Italian makers, projecting and manufacturing products such as: automatic door systems, service door systems, luggage compartments, partitions walls for carriages and locomotives, lateral fairing, battery boxes.

At the beginning of the ‘90s the company started to propose its own projects, while it continued to develop in co-designing new electro-mechanic systems such as: new electric door systems, platform systems for the disabled, automatic steps.
In 2003 the company entered the field of platform screen doors for automatic undergrounds carrying out the project, the construction and the installation of the first 15 VAL-Turin automatic subway stations.

The investment strategies, which have been decided in the last years with the aim to completing the range of the products, have allow the company to present the results obtained on systems such as: passenger boarding doors, new solutions for platform screen doors.
In the year 2013 OCLAP joined the Japanese Holding “Nabtesco Corporation” under the new name of Nabtesco Oclap Srl.

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