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The Platform Screen Doors System separates the platform from the train.
This means:

Safety and comfort for the passengers.
The separation of the passengers from the track and the moving train makes waiting, boarding and alighting safer. The presence of the Platform Screen Doors increases the comfort in the stations while waiting for the train by reducing the air turbulence and the dust.

Driver safety.
The presence of the Platform Screen Doors enables the train to enter the station at a higher speed in the knowledge that there are no obstacles on the line.

Efficiency for the operators.
The Platform Screen Doors increase the train efficiency and punctuality and reduce the station maintenance costs improving the quality of the environment, and lowering air-conditioning and ventilation costs.

Nabtesco Oclap has developed Platform Screen Doors Systems suitable both for new and retrofit projects. One of the unique characteristic of the OCLAP System is the possibility of connecting the Platform Screen Doors of a station using a fire resistance glass covering.

Nabtesco Oclap expertise covers every aspects of the project, from design to installation to operational assistance.

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Platform Screen Doors Turin Metro (Italy)
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