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The development strategy of Nabtesco Oclap is based on a continuous growth of the know-how acquired in the transport vehicle field in order to offer customers new competitive solutions.

The company, with its projecting department, is able to develop the ordered products from the concept to the validation.
All the systems and components, of which the company has the responsibility, are subjected to structural and dimensional calculations with the F.E.M. programme.

During the planning stage, all the systems are subjected to a preventive analysis of reliability and safety with the RAMS method (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety). More complicated systems are subjected to life cycle cost analysis of the product (Life Cycle Cost).

The projects are developed with 3D modelling software.

Nabtesco Oclap provides customers with the following documents to complete the project documentation:

  1. Supply technical specifications
  2. Electric and logic schemes of the function
  3. Maintenance and instruction hand books
  4. Installation manuals
  5. Spare parts catalogues
  6. RAMS
  7. F.E.M. calculations

design Oclap progettazione
Realizzazione e creazione grafica a cura di Servizi Grafici - Bricherasio (TO)