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Nabtesco Oclap is equipped with the most modern management systems carried out to verify the production capability relating to the customer requests.

The manufacturing of the product structural parts is carried out directly by the Nabtesco Oclap workshop; this allows a constant check of the technical requests and of the quality of the production stages and final results.

The company organization, based on the project management system, allows Nabtesco Oclap to dedicate a specific production department for each order.
The result of the final assembly is checked with functional tests and data registration.

The quality of Nabtesco Oclap processes is guaranteed by the following standards:

  1. UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
  2. SOA certification, OS18 category, for public contracts
  3. UNI EN 287 and 1418 for welding process
  4. UNI EN 288 for welding operator
  5. Non-destructive tests according to ASNT/SNT-TC-1 ed. 2001 level 2
  6. Trenitalia Spa Italian Railways homologation.

When it is required, the installation of the products on the vehicles is done to guarantee the full-service supply to the customers.

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